New Sparta Asset Management

New Sparta Asset Management (NSAM)
is a specialist emerging markets investment manager. We offer a wide range of direct investment opportunities including renewable and conventional energy projects in Africa, combining an entrepreneurial approach with specialist knowledge and experience across a range of sectors. With an in-depth understanding of global trends, NSAM understands the macro-economic conditions and regulatory environments across emerging markets. With strong local networks and early-life cycle development expertise, we use our insight and knowledge to unlock growth and create sustainable returns.

New Sparta Asset Management (NSAM) is part of New Sparta Limited

NSAM is part of New Sparta Limited, the private office of Dr Jerome Booth founded in 2013 with a broad portfolio of companies ranging from telecommunications and media to insurance. Dr Booth is a co-founder of Ashmore Group plc, one of the leading specialist emerging market managers...

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NSAM will initially focus on private investments opportunities in energy projects in Africa.

Our range of long-term asset management strategies are anchored in structural sustainable trends. We look beyond any adverse cyclical developments and using our strong local networks, take advantage of significant opportunities in specific sectors...

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NSAM offers emerging market in-sight, with an initial focus on Africa sector specific analysis

We undertake macro-economic and other research that provides us with the detailed insights and hard data needed to make informed decisions. We research our specific investments and the relevant country risks and opportunities...

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China and the rest of the world

China’s slowdown has led to a considerable recalibration of market views. It is the third biggest economy after the U.S. and the E.U. and...

Climate change & economic policy

Policy makers like to associate themselves with the need to combat climate change. But as long as climate change targets do not lead to...

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African Energy Press Snapshot – April 2016

East Africa under the spotlight at the Africa Energy Forum – East African Business Week. Over a thousand investors and seventy countries look to...

Brookings: 2016 Africa Outlook

The Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings, in its recent report Foresight Africa, highlights that although conditions in Africa remain favourable, recent economic, political-related developments pose important...

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What Makes Decisions Legitimate? It Matters for Policy, Markets

August 19, 2016 Jerome Booth

This blog, which first appeared in Institutional Investor, can be found here. The Brexit vote was, in part, a result of growing dissatisfaction with perceived undemocratic and illegitimate decision making. Putting aside whether it was...

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Why and How I Invest in India

August 1, 2016 Jerome Booth

I visited India last week, thankfully not experiencing too many monsoon traffic problems.  My investments there in telecoms/technology are doing extremely well.  The businesses focus, amongst other things, on public WiFi hotspots and helping...

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Some Musings on Brexit’s Impact

July 20, 2016 Jerome Booth

The Brexit vote has surprised the UK establishment, who are not quite sure how to respond, but are responding. The twin tasks of Theresa May’s new government are both to deliver a UK exit...

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African Plantation for Sustainable Development

Many of the economies in sub-Saharan Africa continue to struggle with significant power shortages. Caused by a combination of insufficient power generation options as well as poor transmission and distribution grid networks, the lack of such reliable power itself curtails the development of the economies in the region.

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